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Project Description

NReports is a reporting library using RDL file format, compatible with SQL Reporting Services 2005.

It has began as a fork of the latest version 4.1 of fyiReporting (now defunct).

Supports NET 3.5 (Windows) and Mono 2.6 or later (Linux).

  • Report viewer and designer using Windows Forms for a rendering (Windows Platform)
  • Report viewer using Gtk and Cairo for a rendering. (Linux Platform)
  • Report viewer using WPF for a rendering (planned)
  • ASP .NET report server and web control viewer


Major features planned, except bug fixing.
  • NReports 0.8.2
    • Add WPF/Silverlight report viewer
    • Add radius border to report item
  • NReports 0.8.3
    • Implement HTML report render using Canvas
    • Add justified alignment

  • NReports 0.9
    • Add a new report designer, based on the current one but with improved main form layout.

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